Wampum Pendant


Stunning, genuine handpicked wampum pendant made from naturally ocean-tumbled Quahog shells. Shapes are all unique to the ocean and not manipulated in any way. Stainless steel wire is wrapped beautifully around each hand-drilled shell. The unique deep purple color is considered rare wampum!

Hand buffed shine added to each piece using baby oil that can be reapplied on an as-need basis. Each piece is one of a kind.


Natural Grace handpicks each unique ocean tumbled piece along New England coastal beaches. These pieces have been tumbled many years in the sand and surf giving it a smooth appearance and bringing each unique combination of colors to life. Wampum is the white and purple inner belly of a Quahog Shell. Wampum is an Algonquian word for shell beads or string of shell beads. Throughout northeastern America, wampum was used for jewelry, gifts, communication, historical record of important events, religious ceremonies, and trade. It was the earliest form of currency known in North America. Its value was derived from the difficulty involved in producing bead from the Quahog, and the scarcity of suitable shells. In colonial North America, European colonists often used wampum as currency for trading with Native Americans.

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