About Natural Grace

Born from a love of the earth and the unceasing desire to create, Natural Grace was crafted in 2018 with the goal of repurposing Mother’s Nature’s majesty into forms we can all welcome into our own homes.

From sea glass heirlooms to custom decor, our timeless treasures are one-of-a-kind and assembled just for you. We couldn’t be happier that you wandered close enough to take a peek. Our only hope is that you leave the forest with something to write home about.

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A Word From the Creator

“Greetings, fellow mermaids and mermen! For those of you who know me, the creation of Natural Grace will hardly come as a surprise. Emerging from a lifelong obsession with art and a deep connection with the earth, it would seem a combining of the two was almost inevitable.

For those of you who don’t know me, I can only hope you find something here that speaks to you in a meaningful way. But that is neither here nor there. What I’d really like to do (and this applies to everyone) is thank you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your shared passion. Thank you for helping make the world a better place.

If there is one thing I ask of you as you swim around our site, it is to view Our Causefor it lies at the heart of all we do here. Just as all things can be created, transformed, and recycled, they can also be given back, which is why we donate a percentage of each sale to supporting our mission. May the joy you receive from our products carry forth into the hands of another!

Thank you once again!”


Who We Support

Chad is an ethnically diverse country in central Africa with an estimated population of 15 million, made up of 141 unique people groups.

It is in the top tier of poorest countries in the world. Statistics show that 47% of Chad’s population live below the poverty line. The United Nations Human Development Index ranks Chad as 186 of 195 countries in the world due to multiple factors—including a high infant mortality rate (10%), a low life expectancy (51 years), minimal access to safe drinking water (51%) and a low literacy rate (41%).

With this in mind, Natural Grace donates 10% of all proceeds throughout the year to the Living Waters mission in its effort to provide clean water for the peoples of Chad. This rate increases to 25% during the busy holiday season, many thanks to you, our loyal clients, for giving us the opportunity to do so.

The Reason We Give

It was February of 2017 when my feet first touched the foreign soil. As a child, I always had an unexplainable connection to Africa; it had this inescapable hold over me. There were days, weeks even, that Africa was all I spoke about (ask my family, it became old rather quickly).

When I was given the opportunity not only to travel to Chad, but also have hands-on experience with the Living Waters outreach, I was overjoyed. This proud organization strives to provide the people of Chad with access to safe drinking water, with no strings attached. I was blessed to be an onlooker during 5 well installations, all at different stages of the process. I was convinced that this was what I had been preparing for my entire life. As the years have passed, I can tell you with absolution: it was.

There was a moment that brought me to this realization. Our group sat down with an Imam, the leader of the mosque in one of the villages we were visiting. He began to talk about the state of Chad, which translated roughly to, “pray for peace in Chad. This place is as I am. I am a healthy old man, but I could die tomorrow. Pray that more people come to see this land, because people say that they care for us and pray for us, but the heart cannot be where the feet have not been.”

This made my heart ache, not because it was poetic (although it was), but rather because it was true. How connected are we to the pictures we see on the news? What’s more, how much of what we see on the news is the full story? How can we truly know what is happening to our neighbors if we don’t see it with our own eyes and feel it with our own hands?

It is not Natural Grace’s goal to simply raise money, the goal is to better lives, both those receiving AND those giving. May you find something that speaks to you, so that we may continue this outreach.

Since returning to the States, I find myself at a loss for words, but what I can tell you is the Imam was right, as I knew he would be. After meeting these amazing people with an overwhelming contentment and a heartwarming acceptance, I am grateful that I had the chance to leave a piece of my heart in Chad, and I hope these words helped to transport you to this place of need and offer them a piece of your heart, as well, because after all…

”The heart cannot be where the feet have not been.”