Delicate Banded Seaglass Copper Ring – Size 6


The magnificence of electroformed copper paired with a beautiful piece of New England seaglass makes this ring a must have for your jewelry collection! This ring is made to fit a 6 finger size, with a patina finish.

This ring is adorned with a stunning piece of black glass, ocean-worn and perfectly frosted. Appearing black in color until put against concentrated light showing an incredibly rare red tone.

This beauty is sealed and ready to ship!


Natural Grace handpicks each unique ocean tumbled piece along New England coastal beaches. These pieces have been tumbled many years in the sand and surf giving it a smooth appearance and bringing each unique combination of colors to life.

Electroforming is the process of fusing copper onto another medium, in this case your ring. A low voltage charge is passed through the materials to create thicker copper structures and baubles layered over other materials such as seaglass.

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